Venice Film Festival

The Venice Film Festival, which was created in 1932, is the oldest known film festival. The film festival, which forms part of the internationally acclaimed Venice Biennale, takes place every year in August or September in Venice, Italy on the Lido island. There are several places where the film screenings take place, but the most popular and the most historically beautiful is the Palazzo del Cinema.

The Venice Film Festival presents several awards each year. Amongst those awards is the most highly sought after awards, which are in the In Competition category at the festival. The Golden Lion, known as Leone d’Oro in Italian, is the top award at the film festival and is presented to the overall best film. The Silver Lion, known as Leone d’Argento in Italian, is presented to the best director. Volpi Cups are presented to the best actress and the best actor. The Marcello Mastroianni Award is presented to the best up and coming actor or actress, which is very similar to the Volpi Cups. Although there are many more awards presented at the festival, these are the most highly regarded and the most desired.

The main goal of the Venice Film Festival is to provide opportunities to the future generation of filmmakers and those interested in the film making industry. In addition to the films that are screened, there are workshops, lectures, and many other cultural events that provide many opportunities for networking and education.

The Venice Chamber of Commerce has had a hugely positive impact on the Venice Film Festival, helping to bridge the local community and the film festival to ensure a highly successful event. The use of historic buildings and funding provisions are another way in which the city of Venice has helped to keep the film festival thriving.

The 72nd anniversary of the Venice Film Festival will take place from September 2nd, 2015 until September 12th, 2015. Venice is a beautiful city in Italy and a very popular tourist destination. The film festival organizers highly recommend that visitors interested in attending the film festival in September not only purchase their tickets but also book accommodation as quickly as possible. Because of the distinct design of the city and the popularity of Venice as vacation destination, hotel rooms can fill up very quickly.

Attending the Venice Film Festival will not only allow the avid film enthusiast an opportunity to view noteworthy films but also enjoy the beauty and historical interest that the city has to offer