Sundance Film Fesatival

The Sundance Film Festival is held every year in several different cities in Utah, including Salt Lake City, Park City, and Ogden. The popular independent film festival, which began in 1978, is one of the biggest in America. The main goal of the festival is to premier both American and international films in many different categories and of different lengths, in hopes to bring attention to more names in the film industry.

When the Sundance Film Festival was created, there were 2 main factors that helped boost the popularity of the festival. The first factor was that that the well known, award-winning actor Robert Redford became involved in the festival and eventually became the inaugural chairman. The second factor was that the United States was eager for films made in America to have a better showing and have a better opportunity to increase in popularity. The major film studios and industry professionals in Hollywood were very happy to contribute in many ways in order to make the festival a success.

The Sundance Film Festival, which started as a small festival, has grown to be a popular extravaganza complete with red carpet, enormous media coverage, and celebrities attending events and screenings. The film festival has helped many well-known and hugely successful independent filmmakers by giving them their first big break. Some of these filmmakers include Quentin Tarantino, Steve James, Kevin Smith, and Edward Burns.

As the Sundance Film Festival continues to increase in popularity, the selection of films that the judges must choose from grows each year. It is not uncommon for several of the films that are premiered at the film festival to eventually be nominated for an Oscar, which is the ultimate dream of the filmmaker. In addition, each year the number of films that are bought by distributors increases. Up and coming filmmakers know that having an opportunity to showcase their film at the Sundance Film Festival is an opportunity of a lifetime.

The film festival takes place each year in January, although in 2015 the festival has moved forward a week and will push into February by 1 day. The next Sundance Film Festival will take place from January 22, 2015 until February 1, 2015. Tickets are available on the festival website, and it is highly recommended that visitors who would like to attend any of the film screenings or special event apply for tickets as soon as possible before they sell out.