Shanghai International Film Festival

Founded in 1993, the Shanghai International Film Festival is considered to be one of East Asia’s largest and well-known film festivals. As China’s film industry continues to have rapid growth, this film festival has been devoted to increasing the international recognition of Asian films. As the Chinese economy is increasingly gaining momentum, the Shanghai International Film Festival is able to bring attention to the cinema industry and maintain its status as a ‘must-see’ film festival.

Each year, the number of entrants submitting films into the Shanghai International Film Festival increases. Last year, more than 2000 titles from over 100 countries were submitted the film festival selection committee, all with the hopes of having their films selected to be premiered in Shanghai.

There are several In Competition awards at the Shanghai International Film Festival. The awards are given to the best feature film, the best actress and actor, the best director, the best music, the best screenplay, and the best cinematography. The most sought after award, however, is the Golden Goblet award, known at the Jin Jue. This is given to the best feature film.

In addition to the In Competition awards, the Out of Competition selections at the Shanghai International Film Festival also have several awards given out each year. One major focus in this group is giving the opportunity for students and first time filmmakers to display their films. The Asian New Talent award is the highest award in this category. The Out of Competition films can also compete for best director, best creative idea, best animation, best film, and critics’ choice awards.

In 2012, the Shanghai International Film Festival Mart was introduced and was designed to include 2 main sectors – the SIFF Market and the SIFF Project. This Mart was formed to help Chinese films reach the wider cinema world market. More than 800 organizations participate in the Mart, and producers, buyers, and distributors from over 100 countries are all in attendance hoping to find the next big cinema breakthrough talent. The Mart has been lauded for positively increasing China’s international presence in the cinema industry.

The Shanghai International Film Festival will be held from June 13th, 2015 until June 21st, 2015 in Shanghai, China. The festival is open to the public, but visitors interested in attending the festival are encouraged to purchase tickets as soon as possible as the film festival continues to grow in popularity each year.