Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival

The Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival is more popularly known as the Festival du Rio. The festival is by far the largest and most beautiful film festival in Latin America. More than 350 films are screened each year with representatives from over 60 countries. One of the most important aspects of the film festival is to showcase Brazilian films, and last year almost 50 Brazilian films were screened, which is in the largest percentage ever. Other countries that were represented include the United States, France, Germany, South Africa, and Thailand.

In recent years, the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival has also ran a very successful Brazilian Film Market alongside the film festival. This market allows film industry professionals to meet with the filmmakers to discuss how to have a successful business venture and what the current industry is looking for. This market has become increasing popular since inception, as Brazil continues to bring the spotlight to both local Brazilian filmmakers but to international talent as well. Many companies, from the large conglomerates to the small independent studios make an appearance at the market, which helps to increase the popularity and the success of the film festival.

The festival, which was launched in 1999, has made sure to include talented professionals on the guest list. Those in attendance have included Roman Polanski, Carlos Saura, Tom Tyker, and Samuel L. Jackson. The organizers at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival understand that in order for a new festival to screen important and worthy films, they must have the celebrity status in order to help their name grow in popularity.

The location of the film festival, alongside the stunning and sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful settings for a film festival. The stunning scenery, the lovely weather, and the friendly people all help to increase the popularity of this growing international film festival. The local community has embraced the film festival and helps to make it truly a wonderful, memorable experience.

The 2015 Rio De Janeiro International Film Festival will take place from September 25th 2015 until October 9th, 2015. Given the recent popularity of Brazil, who will be hosting both the Olympics and the World Cup in the near future, it is advisable for film enthusiasts wishing to attend the 2015 film festival to book both accommodation and tickets in advance.