Moscow International Film Festival

Founded in 1935, the Moscow International Film Festival is held every year in Moscow, Russia. The film festival is one of the oldest festivals in the world, but it has only been held regularly since the late 1950’s and annually since the 1990’s.

Each year, the Moscow International Film Festival grows more popular and more important within the filmmaking industry. The film festival has helped launch the successful careers of many well-known filmmakers, including Istvan Szabo, Aki Kaurismake, and Humberto Solas.

The Moscow International Film Festival is a public festival, open to both film industry professionals and film enthusiasts alike. The film festival has been popular in recent years given the political and social changes happening in Russia, in which the festival did not attempt to hide from. Instead, the film festival showcased the issues that Russia was facing through the use of film.

As the Moscow International Film Festival continues to grow, more international film companies attend each year, signifying the promise of the Russian film industry. In 2012, a film market took place during the film festival for the first time, which allowed interested distributors and other industry professionals to meet with the filmmakers. The market has continued to be a lucrative business venture each year since, helping to strengthen the Russian film market and encourage the filmmakers.

The Moscow International Film Festival awards several prizes each year. The top prize for Best Film at the festival is an award depicting a dragon being slayed by Saint George. This is the scene that is shown on Moscow’s Coat of Arms. The Stanislavasky Award is given to the best actor and the best actress. Previous winners of this award include Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep. An award is also given to the best director.

The Moscow International Film Festival will take place from June 19th 2015 until June 28th, 2015 and the preparations are well underway. All of the films that will be considered for screening at the film festival have been submitted and are currently being viewed by the juries for selection. Visitors wishing to attend the Moscow International Film Festival in June are encouraged to purchase tickets as soon as possible. As the popularity of the film festival increases, the event has been known to sell out. The film festival, which takes place in beautiful Moscow, will surely be an excellent addition to the schedule of any avid film enthusiast.