Montreal World Film Festival

Established in 1977, the Montreal World Film Festival is a public festival held in the Montreal, Quebec. The international film festival is one of Canada’s oldest and highly regarded festivals. The goal of the festival is to encourage diversity and cultural understanding and to enhance the film industry all over the world. The film festival is also known to be the only North American competitive festival that the FIAPF recognizes.

The Montreal World Film Festival is divided into several different sections, with the most desired being the World Cometition. This high profile section is made up of world premiers. Other festival sections include Tributes, World Greats, Focus on World Cinema, Cinema Under the Stars, Documentaries of the World, and Student Film Festival. The sections are focused on encouraging the world to share a broad cinematic view and to enhance the quality of cinema worldwide.

There are several awards presented at the Montreal World Film Festival, with the most desired awards coming from the World Competition category. Awards in this category include the Grand Prix of the Americas, Special Grand Prix of the Jury, and awards for the best actor, the best director, the best screenplay, and awards for innovation and artistic contribution. The most prestigious award is the Grand Prix of the Americas.

The film festival encourages film professionals and the general public to become involved as much as possible. Visitors to the Montreal World Film Festival enjoy being able to vote for 5 different awards. These awards include the People’s Choice Award, the Best Documentary, the Best Canadian Short Film, the Best Film from Latin America, and the Most Popular Canadian Film.

The Montreal World Film Festival draws crowds of over 400,000 people each year, with the majority of the people, generally over 75%, being from Canada. Industry professionals from around the world come to Montreal to find rising stars in the Canadian cinema industry but also to view the many international films that are on display.

The Montreal World Film Festival will be held from August 27, 2015 until September 7, 2015 in Montreal, Canada. This will be the 38th anniversary of the film festival and will surely be an interesting festival to attend. Visitors wanting to attend the film festival will be able to purchase tickets in early 2015 and are encouraged to purchase tickets early to avoid disappointment as some film screenings sell out early.