Göteborg International Film Festival

Known for being the largest film festival in Scandinavia, the Göteborg International Film Festival was founded in 1979. In the early days, less than 20 films were shown on only 3 movie screens. Today, more than 450 films are shown to over 100,000 visitors. Each year, more than 50 countries submit films for screening, and the film festival continues to grow in popularity as a highly regarded international film festival.

The film festival is comprised of several different film categories. Some of the most popular sectors are: Animation, Festival Favorites, Documentaries, Nordic Light, Swedish World, Gala, and Five Continents. These categories spotlight films from the Nordic region as well as from across the globe.

Selected films for the Göteborg International Film Festival are in the running for several awards. The most desired awards at the film festival are known as the Dragon Awards. The Dragon Awards are given to the Best Nordic Film, the Best Nordic Documentary, the Best Debut Film, Audience Choice, New Talent, and the Best Swedish Documentary. In addition to the Dragon Awards, there are several other smaller awards presented, but the Dragon Awards are the ones, which are highly sought after and desired.

The main platform for the Göteborg International Film Festival is to highlight the Nordic film industry to the wider international film market. In order to do this, the film festival has expanded the event to include many different programs, workshops, media events, lectures, and member screenings in order to attract the best in Nordic and international film.  The programs are not only about film, but also include topics such as music and art, but the main focus continues to be on film and the film industry.

In recent years, the Göteborg International Film Festival has introduced the Nordic Film Market to coincide with the film festival. More than 10,000 cinema industry professionals attend this event in order to learn more about the Nordic film industry. It is an important event, which facilitates meetings between the professionals and up, and coming filmmakers, both with the same end goal of success in mind.

The Göteborg International Film Festival is held annually in the beautiful country of Sweden. The 2015 film festival will be held from January 23rd, 2015 until February 2nd, 2015. Tickets are on sale now. Visitors wishing to attend the film festival are encouraged to purchase tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment from events selling out.