Brisbane International Film Festival

Each year, the Brisbane International Film Festival is hosted in Brisbane, Australia. The film festival, which was created in 1992, has an excellent program of film viewings. More than 400,000 people attend the festival, including the glamorous opening night celebration and the end of festival awards ceremony. The festival includes films that are documentaries, retrospectives, films for children, late night thrillers, animation, and feature presentations.

Approximately 80 films are screened at the Brisbane International Film Festival each year with over 120 viewings available for the public to see. The selection jury has a tough job to do in order to decide which out of the hundreds of submissions will make the final cut of 80. Each of the films will be shown in locations throughout Brisbane at different times during the day. In addition to the films, the film festival also includes educational lectures and other sessions for both film industry professionals and film fans to partake in.

The Brisbane International Film Festival presents several awards at the festival each year. The most celebrated award is the BIFFDOCS, which is the highest prize for documentary filmmakers at the festival. The Audience Award is given to the most popular film amongst the viewers. Each attendee is asked to cast a vote as soon as the film screening is complete and the results are tallied to determine the most popular film, as chosen by the public. The Chauvel Award is given to the best film, which contributes or has a basis in Australian cinema. Finally, there are three Jury Awards including the FIPRESCI Award, the Interfaith Award for Promoting Humanitarian Values, and the NETPAC Award. These awards are decided amongst the juries at the film festival, which are made up of film professionals from all over the world.

In 2014, the Brisbane International Film Festival underwent a name change. It will now be known as the Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival. Even though the name has changed, the focus on finding top quality films and helping to spotlight local Australian talent in the film industry remains the same. The film festival is normally held in late November to early December each year. Although the 2015 dates have not been set as of yet, the film festival organizers hope to have definitive dates announced soon. The 2015 festival is sure to be 16 days of high quality film viewing that should not be missed.