Boston Film Festival

For over 30 years, the Boston Film Festival has been presenting films in order to provide education and entertainment through the support of filmmakers and the film industry. The film festival has one of the longest tenures in the United States and continues to maintain its prominence and validity in America’s film festival circuit through the quality of films that it screens each year.

The Boston Film Festival is a special festival in that it grants filmmakers opportunities to increase their profile through many different hosted receptions throughout some of Boston’s finest restaurants. These networking sessions allow film professionals and eager filmmakers the opportunity to discuss what is expected and what is needed as the film industry continues to grow and diversify. One of the main reasons that the film festival is so popular amongst filmmakers and film industry professions is because of these networking sessions, as there are not many opportunities that present themselves where the two groups and meet and have an open, honest conversation for an entire evening.

Many prominent filmmakers, actors, and actresses have been brought into the limelight courtesy of the Boston Film Festival. Andy Garcia, Leah Thompson, George Clooney, and Val Kilmer are just a few of the Hollywood A List celebrities who have been a part of the film festival.

The Boston Film Festival has several awards that are given out each year. The festival presents awards to the best film, the best director, the best actor, the best documentary, the best animated film, the best eco film, and the best cinematography. These awards are given in the In Competition section of the film festival.

The Boston Film Festival will take place from April 22, 2015 until April 29, 2015. All of the films are screened in the city of Boston, which is a popular vacation destination on the East Coast of the United States. Many visitors who are coming to the Boston Film Festival will extend their trip in order to visit many of the historical sights that the famous city has to offer. Tickets are available through the film festival’s website, but they have advised that anyone wishing to view the film screenings should purchase tickets as soon as possible. Although the Boston Film Festival is open to the public, their goal is to keep the ticket numbers to a minimum so as to offer a more private and personal feel to the film festival.