Berlin International Film Festival

The Berlin International Film Festival, which is also called theBerlinale, is one of the most prominent film festivals in the world. The film festival takes place in Berlin, Germany each year. The film festival, which was started in the 1950’s in West Berlin, has 400 film viewings each year.

There are seven sections to the festival program, which include Competition, Panorama, Forum, Generation, Perspektive Deutsches Kino, Berlinale Shorts, and Retrospective. The most coveted category is the Competition category. Films that are selected for this category have not yet been released outside of their own country and are feature-length. The prizes for this category, the Golden Bears and the Silver Bears, are some of the most sought after awards in the film industry.

Each year, films in the Competition category at the Berlin International Film Festival compete for the Golden Bear award, which is known as the Goldener Bar in German. This award is presented to the overall best film at the festival. The other highly sought after awards at the film festival are called the Silver Bear awards, which are known as Silberner Bar in German. These awards are given presented to individuals for their contributions to the film. The categories include best actor, best actress, best director, and best short film.

During the weeks that the Berlin International Film Festival is taking place, another well-known and highly regarded film industry event is also taking place. This event is the European Film Market. The market is attended by more than 20,000 film industry professionals representing over 100 countries from across the globe. The Market is an excellent opportunity for filmmakers, both well-known and up and coming, to meet with industry experts to discuss the film industry and how each perceives it growing and diversifying.

The Berlin International Film Festival will take place from February 5th, 2015 until February 14th, 2015. The Opening Ceremonies will be held on the 5th of February and the Closing and Awards Ceremonies will be held on the 14th of February. Tickets can be purchased from the film festival’s website and are available now. Visitors wishing to attend film viewings are highly encouraged to purchase tickets as soon as possible as some of the viewings are already sold out. A trip to the Berlin International; Film Festival is one that is not to be missed by anyone who is an avid film fan.